Lab News

  • 10/11/2023Speech decoding reveals feedforward/back processing,  Wang et al. 2023.

  • 8/18/2023Heather Kabakoff received NIDCD F32 funding

  • 8/01/2023Adeen was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

  • 7/13/2023Caroline Kremer received AΩA Carolyn L. Kuckein Research Fellowship

  • 5/17/2022Adam Morgan received NIDCD F32 funding

  • 2/3/2022  DAF paper highlights specific dorsal speech networks,  Ozker et al. 2022.

  • 8/2/2021Adeen received an Early Career Award for the Neurobiology of Language

  • 7/9/2021Lab was funded a multi-PI NIDCD R01 to investigate speech processing

  • 8/11/2020Bilingual English ASL ECoG case report published, Shum et al. 2020.

  • 7/20/2020Postdoc and RA positions available, contact for details.

  • 10/1/2019Lab was funded multi-site/PI NINDS R01 to validate stimulation mapping

  • 4/30/2020Müge Özker Sertel received NIDCD F32 funding

  • 10/1/2019Lab was funded NSF CRCNS

  • 5/15/2019Lab was funded NINDS R01 

  • 4/27/2018Müge Özker Sertel received the Leon Levy Fellowship in Neuroscienc8