Patient Care Comes First

The majority of research in the lab is conducted with patients undergoing neurosurgical treatment for refractory epilepsy. Clinical care, patient safety and patient comfort come first and we work with the clinical team to ensure optimal patient care while supporting an infrastructure for scientific research.

Patient Data is Precious

The data we collect is a unique and rare window into the cortical underpinnings of human cognition. We strive to protect research data and privacy while sharing insights, findings and de-identified data with collaborators and the scientific community as a whole.


Our analyses techniques, methods and data should not live in a vacuum. Let’s build tools that integrate with the open source community and provide analysis pipelines that can be used by all.


We care about publications but first and furthermost we want to hone in on real and replicable findings. If you can’t replicate it and are not convinced then don’t publish. If you are convinced then publish and share the tools that allow fast and widespread replication.

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